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June 2010




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Jun. 28th, 2010

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Koga's Quarters

This is how I imagine his recieving room at the league looks like ahh I wish I had a room like that WHY IS HE SO AWESOME I DON'T UNDERSTAND ;;

Jun. 23rd, 2010

ninja-ing in

(no subject)

Ninja need improvement? Let me know how I'm doing playing Koga of the Elite Four!

Comments are screened, so feel free to let me know.

Jun. 22nd, 2010

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Obviously the apple of his eye, he will go out of the way to protect her.

Though deceased, she was the one true love of his life.

Mutual respect for each other, though it is awkward at times because they're both polar opposites.

will add more as I play Koga more... haha
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01. Full name: Koga
02. Best friend: Ninjas do not make friends :| jk he doesn't really have one PROBABLY JANINE OR BRUNO
03. Sexuality: Straight but sadly made asexual by the death of his wife.
04. Favorite color: Red and black.
05. Relationship status: Widower.
06. Ideal mate: Her name was Kaori.
07. Turn-ons: Intelligence, bravery, grace.
09. Favorite food: Miso soup and pickled radish on rice
10. Crushes: My wife :|
11. Favorite music: Classic rock/Japanese traditional (includes enka, kayoukyoku)
12. Biggest fear: Losing his daughter.
13. Biggest fantasy: Becoming the best ninja in the world.
14. Quirks in bed: Sex in an Ariados web.
15. Bad habits: Koga tends to be haughty and judgemental a bit too quickly.
16. Biggest regret: Letting Kaori slip away from him.
17. Best kept secrets: His grief for Kaori and his love for Janine.
18. Last thought: "Lunch looks good today."
19. Worst sexual/romantic experience: Trying to impress his future wife by jumping into the Lake of Rage and fighting with the many Gyarados barehanded. He nearly drowned.
20. Biggest insecurity: Becoming old and losing control on his body.

Jun. 19th, 2010

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(no subject)

• player •
Name/Alias: Kimi
LJ: kimivalkyrie
Contact Info: aim: spectrum rays
Previous Characters: Your ever cheerful Dawn

• canon character •
Name: Koga
Age: A ninja never reveals his age
Hometown/Region: Fuchsia City, Kanto
Class: Elite Trainer

His main team consists of the following Pokemon:

- Venomoth
- Muk
- Crobat
- Ariados
- Weezing
- Tentacruel

Additionally, he has the following stored, but often he rotates his teams.

- Skuntank
- Toxicroak
- Forretress

Before he became Koga the Poison Master, Koga was simply a young boy who grew up in Fuchsia City. His parents ran the city's pharmacy and contributed greatly to the health of the Pokemon in the Safari Zone. They were hardworking folk who loved what they did. It was only natural that he'd start following that path since he greatly admired them.

He learned the trade of making medicines - potions and antidotes for both Pokemon and humans from his parents. In the beginning he was the one often sent out to gather ingredients and at first, his parents would not allow him to come with them when they went out to treat sick Pokemon. But once he reached the appropriate age for a license, they gave him his first Pokemon and allowed him to accompany them.

Koga's Zubat was his steadfast companion. He loved the bat Pokemon and loved the way it was so swift and agile. Even if he was in a dark cave with many Zubat surrounding him, he would always be able to spot his one. And Zubat would always be able to spot his trainer.

It was around this time that the gym had been set up in Fuchsia and the leader was a master of ninjutsu as well as a skillful Pokemon trainer. He was looking for trainers who would be interested in becoming acolytes in the art of ninjutsu and learn the ways of Pokemon.

He was a clever boy, very quick and agile much like his Zubat and reasoned that he would offer himself as an acolyte due to this. Koga was taken in to the school, and it was clear that he already had an advantage with his background helping his parents.

The training was hard and rigorous, with the acolytes doing the menial jobs such as cleaning the floors of the gym and ensuring that the supplies within it were stocked up in addition to making sure that the arenas were set up for the trainers of the gym to fight challengers. But Koga quietly and steadily did all these tasks with a quiet determination.

The former gym leader was impressed by Koga and often took him aside for more intensive training. It was always said that the gym leader saw himself in Koga, and took particular attention to teaching him how to be the perfect shinobi by perfecting the 18 diciplines. It is fair to say that Koga is a warrior in many aspects - a skilled man to fight with other men, as well as a skilled trainer to fight their Pokemon. It was during his training that his team expanded; Spinarak, Venonat and Koffing were his ideal partners with their status altering moves.

At the age of 18, the former gym leader had deemed that he had taught Koga everything that he knew and it was up to him to explore and develop more as a person on his own. He was extremely proud of Koga and had said that he would inherit the Fuchsia Gym and would be a good teacher to many others.

With his permission, Koga then began journeying. He fought many trainers as he went around Johto and Kanto, ever refining his skills and training himself and his Pokemon to be the very best. His Pokemon confounded and confused their opponents and his acclaim gained attention to the art of the ninja.

It was around this time that he had met Kaori, the sole love of his life. She was a gentle woman who lived in Ecruteak City, demure and yet emboldened with a strength of mind to make up for her frail body. Koga was quickly enamoured by her, as she was of him. He spent several months in Ecruteak with Kaori, wooing her and courting her. They were lovers and spent many tranquil hours with each other. They were probably some of the happiest days of Koga's life.

Sadly, Koga's master, the former gym leader of Fuchsia City had passed away. He was called back to Fuchsia to take the gym and the school under his command. Kaori was initially resistant but eventually she agreed to live with him in Fuchsia. Before they had left to return to the mainland, Koga proposed to her and promised to marry her once he had established himself as the leader of the gym.

Koga returned and built even more upon the gym's reputation. Many people came to fight Koga, many more came to try and join his school. But he was selective and there were many rigorous tests to pass. The gym was full of his students, and they trained under his regimen. His renown became so well known that even those as far off as Sinnoh had adopted his philosophies and methods of the ninja.

Aside from being a renowned leader, Koga had become an active member of Fuchsia City's community. His prescence enough afforded many residents peace of mind, but he patrolled the Safari Zone in the evenings and attended to sick Pokemon just like his parents did. This earned him the respect of many.

He married Kaori, in a small ceremony attended by a handful of his top students and close family. Unlike the previous leader who was celibate and lived soley for the way of the ninja, Koga had built a house near the gym where they would establish their family.

Kaori was soon was pregnant with their child but it was soon clear that the pregnancy would not be easy. She was already a frail woman and it was unclear whether her body would take the strain of the birth.

Koga attended to his wife and their yet to be born child. This meant that he reduced the number of people who were allowed to challenge him. His students were there to give their support and often took turns to keep Kaori company when Koga would be on patrol. They loved Kaori as a mother and enjoyed her prescence in the gym.

Prematurely however, Kaori went into labor. The entire gym went into a panic as Koga was on Safari Patrol. His students were initially thrown into a panic, but they quickly assembled themselves. Two would stay with Kaori, one would find the doctor and midwife and the rest would scour the length of the Safari Zone for their master.

It wasn't until sometime that they found Koga. He had been at the far end of the Zone treating an injured Nidorina and he had rushed back after hearing that Kaori was in labour.

The labour was difficult and the doctor and midwife were worried that Kaori and the baby may not pull through. Koga had returned and could only do so much as he watched his wife struggling to bring a new life into the world.

Many long hours had passed and towards the end, Kaori looked at Koga and gave a long painful sigh. Koga took her hand and frowned. She told him to take care of their daughter and gave her last to bring her out in the the world.

It was a mixed period of grief and joy. He had lost the love of his life, but he gained one of the greatest joys to ever enter his life - a lovely daughter. He named her Janine, for he heard that in a foreign tongue that it meant a gift from God. And this little girl clearly was.

Koga was lost emotionally for a few months as he took care for his daughter, raising her. The gym was temporarily closed for a year as he raised Janine. The school continued as normal though, with his students doting upon little Janine. Once she was slightly older, Koga reopened the gym and began challenging challengers once again.

This arrangement continued for a long while - Koga dividing his time between the gym and teaching Janine. When Janine was old enough to go to school, Koga sent her to school and she would come back to be part of his school in the afternoons. Though while in those situations, she was treated no different from the rest of the acolytes, it was clear that Koga favoured her above all. After all, she was his flesh and blood.

It was around the time that Janine could train Pokemon that it was heard that a group of young trainers were uprooting Kanto and challenging gym leaders to their most exciting matches in recent times. Koga eagerly anticipated each of them. When he battled Green, Red and Leaf he felt a thrill as they were worthy opponents. And he had no regrets handing them over the Soul Badge to each of them.

He had kept an ear out for their progress, hearing about their defeat of Team Rocket, how they had defeated the Elite Four and how they progressed to magnificent heights. He was proud to play some part in it.

That felt like the mood a couple of years later when Agatha and Lorelei retired - Agatha due to her advanced age and Lorelei to return home. Lance had become the champion of the Elite Four and now the positions were open. He had heard that two of the positions had been filled - one by Will, a Psychic master who trained his mind to great heights and one by Karen, a Dark master who domineered over the rest of the competitors with her aggressive style.

He was not expecting the messenger from the League to arrive with a letter, formally requesting that he became a member of the Elite Four. It took him a while to accept the request as he was anxious for Janine. He had always left the gym to her if he were to retire or pass away, but she seemed too young to take it immediately. She did eventually prove her mettle to her father, and he accepted the league's invite to be one of them.

Moving up to the Elite Four allowed him to fully explore the potential of his team, making them the most vicious Poison Pokemon they could be. Confusion, poison, sleep. He was a worthy adversary, with many trainers getting perpetually frustrated and using many of their precious items through the run of the Elite Four.

He heard rumours of a young man, a skilled man. When Lance returned from his travels, he regalled the Elite Four with the stories of this young trainer with heart and skill. He told them to prepare themselves, as he could feel that it was time to pass his title soon.

Koga looked forward to challenging him. And soon enough, this young man challenged him and bested him. He was proud to have fought him, but strangely he had declined becoming champion.

Many years have passed since that time and Koga still is a member of the Elite Four. Though preoccupied with his league duties, he spends a lot of time in Kanto, specifically Fuchsia. He looks forward to new battles and new challengers, despite his body being a bit slower than it normally was.

Koga is a proud man, proud of his power and skill. He is manipulative and subversive
but he is honourable and wise at the same time. He would sooner accept honourable defeat than dishonourable victory. Adhering to that code of honour with an unwavering stature, Koga is what one would consider a wise man on steady moral ground.

Besides that, he is sly and cunning, and will use his skills as a trained ninja if it suits him. He will cloud himself in a smokescreen produced by his Weezing. He will hide with his Ariados in its web until they are ready to strike. He will induce despair and horror into those who are foolish enough to challenge him.

To his acolytes he is firm but considerate. He expects them to work for what they want in the same manner he did. Though he is not directly involved in the running of his school as much as before (he has left it to the most senior of students and Janine).

If he has a weakness, it is that of his family. He does his utmost to protect the memory of his dead wife or protect his daughter. Any sign of harm to them and he is probably not the most rational of people.

On a side not, he does have a sense of humour and has frequently terrified his acolytes with his ninja skills. Oh yes.

Sample I:
Bruno, thank you for your gift of these... Ragecandybars?

I am not entirely sure why you had given these to Janine to place in the lunch boxes that she brings me. A large order of them had arrived in the Fuchsia Gym courtesy of you. Now I work with you every day, was that truly necessary?


I am very wary of food other people give me. It may well be poisoned. That is why I only prepare my own food or accept food that Janine has brought me.

Yes, I will try it if you would stop harassing my poor daughter.

[Sounds of a wrapper opening, then a bite and some munching noises.]

Such flavour! I had never expected this.

[More nomnomnom sounds as Koga finishes the candy bar.]

I must partake in that flavour once again! And the wrapper suggests that it is beneficial to a healthy regimen. I must have some more and spread the good word of this Ragecandybar!

Sample II:
Koga was running swiftly through the wooded path. A well timed jump and his muscles propelled him to the nearest low lying branch of the tree. Using a combination of running, swinging and momentary propulsion he moved quietly through the tops of the trees before setting down quietly near an empty section of the path.

He thought it was empty, being early evening with most people heading home to have dinner. But for Koga it was the idea time to train. He had come to the area near New Bark and was on the way to Cherrygrove when he heard someone call out.

"Hey, mister!"

It was a youngster, holding his Pokeball out in the light. Koga brushed some dirt off his sleeve and straightened to look at the boy from his height.

The boy gulped, but still held his Pokeball out strong.

"I wanna challenge you!"

And Koga laughed. It rang in the air loud and clear. He threw his head back and laughed at the boy.

"Boy, it is getting late. You should consider going home and having your dinner!"

"No! I want to challenge you! Ratatta, let's go!"

The boy release his Ratatta and Koga laughed even more. He was even more amused. A Ratatta? A mere common rat Pokemon kept by trainers with no imminent skill?

"Do you know
who you're dealing with, boy? I am Koga."

"I know who you are... you're one of the Elite Four. I want to challenge you! My Rattata is in the top percentage of all Rattatas and I'm not afraid to challenge you!"

"Boy, you are too young to even consider challenging me. But I shall humour you. Weezing!"

Koga threw a shuriken/pokeball and out came his Weezing with a burst of noxious gases.

"Alright, that's what I'm talking about!" Joey pumped his fist into the air and pointed at Koga. "Ratatta I choose you! GO GET 'IM!"

"Weezing, Smokescreen! We have no time for this!"

With a mighty huff and a "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ", Koga's Wheezing emitted a large noxious cloud of smoke which enveloped both trainers and Pokemon.

He started to cough and cried out for his Ratatta, scampering around as he tried to bat the smoke cloud away.

Once the cloud had dissipated after a long while, Koga and his Weezing where nowhere to be seen.